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September 13th- October 6th

For this year's annual CASe exhibition at the LavitGallery, fifteen artists have beeninvited to exhibit up to three pieces each. The exhibition will include painting, drawing print and sculpture from some of the most soughtafter names in contemporary Irish art.

James McCarthy's small figurative copper pieces,Michael Quane's bold stone carved figures,Sonja Landweer'sbeautifully patinatedbronze forms andJohn Behan's dramatically falling horse or winged man in bronzegive you an idea of the range of sculptures that are included in this show. Imogen Stuart, best known for her churchsculptures examples of which can be seenin the Honan Chapel UCC will exhibit a monochrome woodcut print.

Painting obviously also features strongly withlandscape figurative and abstract styles on show. TimGoulding's works on paper, focus on close ups of nature - a maze of swaying bog cotton stalks, whileboth Cormac O' LearyandMaryLohanfocus on studies of sea and sand. Memories of place are recorded in the lakeside paintings of Dee Pieters,while bothVictor RichardsonandTom Walshboth concentrate on specificlocal scenes in their detailed works,with Middleton, Garryvoe, Dykes Parade and Bandon Weir making appearances. Paul Street, Cork is also mentioned in thetitle of one ofBrian Smyth'spaintings depicting passersby in silhouette. In this show we will also get an opportunity to see some small drawingsfrom Smyth who has been spending timestudying in Florence. Sunnier climatesare sensed in the work ofJames English, in whose soft atmospheric paintings we see abeached wreck or a lonely goal post on a barren looking sandy stretch.

We will also geta chance to see some of Carol Hodder's large abstract canvases whichare divided into blocks of shapes within which we see layers of subtle colours showing through. PaddyLennon's large black and white charcoal drawings of horses' heads alsoprovide a strong presence within the gallery.