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May 14th - June 1st

Gallery Friends

As part of the Lavit Gallery's 50th anniversary celebrations, it was decided to invite two galleries who the Lavit has worked with over the years to show a selection of their artists' work.

The Taylor Galleries, and the Tom Caldwell Gallery are the two galleries whose artists' work make up this exciting exhibition. Both of these galleries are well established and have long histories of working with top Irish artists - Taylor Galleries operating from Dublin and the Tom Caldwell Gallery from Co. Antrim. Between them, these two galleries show some of the best artists currently exhibiting on this island.

The combination of these galleries' selected artists in one exhibition creates an impressive list of exhibitors for this show. Artists on show at the Lavit, from the Taylor Galleries will include well known names such as Brian Bourke Michael Cullen, Martin Gale, Sean McSweeney, Jane O' Malley, Patrick Scott, John Shinnors and Charles Tyrrell. While from the Tom Caldwell gallery we will have artists such as Colin Davidson, Neil Shawcross and Barbra Rae to name but a few.

The Lavit Gallery are delighted to be able to be staging an exhibition with artists of this calibre to Cork. Another of our gallery friends - Peter Murray, Director, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork will officially open this exhibition on Tuesday May 14th at 8.00p.m. The exhibition will continue until June 1st.

The full list of exhibitors in this show is as follows: Brian Bourke, Helen Comerford, Michael Cullen, Colin Davidson, Martin Gale, Carol Graham, Neal Greig, Colin Harrison, Mary Lohan, Sean McSweeney, Makiko Nakamura, James O' Connor, Jane O' Malley, David Quinn, Barbra Rae, Patrick Scott, Neil Shawcross, John Shinnors, Bob Sloan, Charles Tyrrell and Dennis Westwood.

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