June 11th - 29th

The Importance of West

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Summerat the Lavit sees a focus on West Cork, so save yourself the trip in thatdirection as it's coming to the centre of Cork City!!

The first of these exhibitions is titled -The Importance of West and opens on Tuesday June 11thandruns until June 29th. Thisexhibition features 11 artists all based west of Cork City -Cormac Boydell, Wendy Dison, Sara Flynn,Tim Goulding, Helle Helsner, EadaoinHarding Kemp, Damaris Lysaght, Frieda Meaney, James Mac Carthy, Jules Thomas and Sarah Walker.

West Corkhas long attracted artists and theregion is known to have a very strongreputation for visual art. While for some it is the landscape thatinspires for others it is "the qualityof solitude that supports focused reflection so necessary for some kinds of artpractice."* Allihies, Bantry,Ballydehob, Clonakilty, Dunmanway, Eyeries, Leap, Schull -is a roll call ofjust some of the places these artists are working from, however their work has been viewed and collected worldwide. A few examples of which are the fact that SaraFlynn's work has recently been acquired by the Art Institute of Chicago, CormacBoydell had two solo exhibitions in Paris and Aveyron in France in 2011, and2005 saw Sara Walker having a solo exhibition in Mexico!

While landscape painting features strongly in this exhibition,approaches and styles differ greatly - withThomasfocusing on the different moods and views of a particularbay andHarding Kemp andLysaghtboth looking at the richness of fields and sky from their own perspective. The natural world as opposed to theconventional landscape features in the work ofMeaneyandWalkerwithbutterflies and close up detail of plant life appearing in their respectivepaintings. Dison'sandGoulding'spaintings take on a more abstract character with Dison exploring the idea ofshelter within landscape and Goulding focusing on close up patterns andstructures. Three- dimensional work also features in this exhibition.Helsnerwill show her bronze elongated figures whileMcCarthywill show bothbronze and copper works depicting both life on sea and land. Flynn's porcelain pressed vessels focus on form andtexture, whileBoydell's depictions of stories and animal life on his ceramic plates seem to straddle the boundaries of painting and threedimensional work.

Therewill be plenty to enjoy in this exhibition which will be officially opened onTuesday June 11that 8.00p.m. by Councillor Barbra Murphy, Mayor ofthe County of Cork. The exhibition willcontinue until June 29th.