August 19
th - September 2nd

The Fledglings exhibition will open at the Lavit Gallery on Tuesday August 19th. This is an annual exhibition of work by selected recent graduates from the Crawford College of Art and Design. Thirteen artists have been selected to participate in this year's exhibition - - Sara Delaney, Helen Devitt, Des Fitzgerald, Patricia Kickham, Margarite Long, Peter Martin, Mary O' Connor, Karen O' Shea, Louise O' Shea, Maria O' Sullivan, Miraslava Pavelkova, Constance Roberts and Grainne Stewart.

Paintings, Sculpture, Drawing, Print, Photography, Stained Glass and Ceramics will all feature.

The urban landscape makes a strong appearance in this exhibition with Sarah Delaney's focus on urban grids and textures within her photography, Patricia Kickham's monochrome paintings of suburbia, Maria o' Sullivan's focus on the frenzy of contemporary cities and Mary O' Connor's concentration on manmade objects intruding on our landscape.

Surface and playing with the sense of space are the focus in Miraslova Pavelkova's photography, Margarite Long's paintings and Grainne Stewart's ceramics. Des Fitzgerald's sculptures seem to merge the urban and abstract forms, with his assemblages of car parts, while traces and layers of a sense of place are reimagined through surface and material in the work of Helen Devitt.

People are the subject of Karen O' Shea's paintings of family life and Constance Roberts' portraits looking at people's inner worlds. Dream like states are central to Peter Martin's glass work while bodies of water and the uncertainty of its reflections appear in the paintings of Louise O' Shea.

For many of these recent graduates it is their first opportunity to show work in a professional gallery setting. For the viewers it is a chance to see different examples of the graduates work or the work in a new light away from the college setting. These emerging artists need all the encouragement they can get; to keep on the track of their early career paths.