The Sea
May 13th - June 3rd

This exhibition features eleven artists : Ellen Barrett, Veronica Bolay, Anne Bologna, Christine Bowen, Kate Buckley, Patrick Cashin, James English, Gwen O' Dowd, Margaret O' Sullivan, Robert Ryan and Kathleen Standen.
Anne Bologna, known for her many bird related artworks focuses on seabirds in her batiks, while other creatures of the sea - fish, feature strongly in the expressive paintings ofChristine Bowen. The power of the sea and the texture of water, waves and spray, is very much to be seen in the work ofGwen O' Dowd's characteristic depictions of the sea. The study of waves on water, is also central to Margaret O' Sullivan's small works on paper. Hints of structures along the shore and traces of man's relationship with the sea are in evidence in the small atmospheric paintings by James English, while more specific landmarks are to be seen in the paintings of lighthouses by Patrick Cashin, with depictions of the Old Head of Kinsale and Galley Head on show.

The vessels that we use to cross the sea are focused on in the works ofVeronica Bolay andKate Buckley. Veronica's painting's show us what looks like an abandoned boat in one of her works and a snap shot of a boat in motion in another. Meanwhile there is stillness to the graphite works on paper by Kate Buckley which depict old Viking boats. Ellen Barrett'scollaged pieces take on the look of abstraction but are very much about the mood and movement of the sea with titles such as lonely serenity and divine providence.Robert Ryan's small almost miniature paintings have an art historical look with a hint of mythology as we see a creature afloat on a small island. The colours in Kathleen Standen's sculptural ceramics are influenced by rock strata and water while the tools of the fishing industry such as floats, buoys and winces can be seen in her forms. This exhibition continues until the 3rd of June.