March 18th - April 8th


The exhibition A Natural Selection opens at the Lavit Gallery on Tuesday March 18th and runs until April 8th.    100 artists were asked by the Graphic Studio, Dublin, to explore different aspects of the National Botanical Gardens - the 170,000 different species of cultivated forms within the collection, the renowned architectural aspects of the Gardens or the well-known landscapes within the walls, could all be considered.  The results - 100 new fine art prints, were first shown at the Botanic Gardens, Dublin, late last year and the Lavit Gallery are now delighted to replant this exhibition at their venue, from March 18th.

 The images range from the literal, which are beautiful botanical records, to the conceptual which explore the shared space between the artist and the natural world. This event is the first time so many printmakers from all over Ireland, North & South and international artists from Poland, Finland, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, UK, Israel, Holland, and Sweden will be seen together, all exploring this fascinating subject in  their own individual way.  This body of work is a unique range of prints that reflects the diversity of our wonderful National Collection, at the Botanic Gardens. 

 There has always existed an important link between plants and the visual arts. A desire to capture botanic images lastingly is rooted in antiquity - we can find it in the Minoan palaces at Knossos, the frescoes of Pompeii and in Egyptian tomb painting. In the 16th Century, Albrecht Durer's work displayed a new naturalism in the depiction of plants. In France in the early 1800s the Belgian artist Pierre-Joseph Redoute was appointed official artist by Empress Josephine. The sumptuous images from his almost fifty publications based on the gardens of Malmaison remain in reproduction to this day. Since the 1700s printmaking has been an integral part of botanical exploration and vice versa.  Plant collecting and Printmaking are also quite similar in that the multiplicity of an edition of prints mirrors the propagation of plants. They both allow more people access to enjoyment and inspiration.

 The artists are  too numerous to mention them all, but include  Carmel Benson, Johnny Bugler, Diarmuid Delargy, Joe Dunne, Stephen Lawlor, Aoife Layton, David Lilburn, James McCreary, Bernadette Madden, Frieda Meaney and Lars Nyberg to name but a few.

All participating artists have agreed to allow their work to be purchased at a very special low price of €100.   This is an opportunity for those who appreciate Art and Botany to experience something special and an unusual opportunity to purchase a rare specimen at a common or garden price! 



Niamh MacGowan                              Bernadette Madden




James McCreary                                            John McNulty 



Freida Meaney                                              Ruth O' Donnell

Sylvia Taylor                                                 Niall Naessens


Noelle O' Keeffe                                          Catherine Thompson


Liam O' Broin                                                Susan Mannion


http://www.lavitgallery.com/Botanics%20Mann%20Kelvin%20%20Grand%20day%20for%20the%20insects.jpg       http://www.lavitgallery.com/Botanics%20McGuinne%20Niamh%20-%20Ribs%20and%20Boughs.Bill.jpg

 Kelvin Mann                                           Niamh Mc Guinne


http://www.lavitgallery.com/Botanics%20Wakula-Mac%20%20-%20Magnolia%20VI.Bill.jpg       http://www.lavitgallery.com/Botanics%20McNulty%20Margo%20-%20Jovibarba.jBill.jpg
Marta Wakula-Mac                                    Margo Mc Nulty


    Deirdre Shanley