October 8th - 26th

CASe '13

Maggie Blackley, Patrick Cashin, Angela Fewer, Mary Gough, Josef Keys, Eilis O'Connell, Elayne O'Connor, Jennifer O Connor, Michael Quane, Victor Richardson, Sara Roberts, Angie Shanahan, Brian Smyth, Karin Smyth, Matthew Thompson, Walter Verling and Maura Whelan.


Landscape painting features strongly. Walter Verling is an influential and highly respected painter who has been  committed to"plein air" landscape painting for many years, whileVictor Richardson another well established artist is known for the impressionist/pointillism style in  his paintings and pastels.  The paintings of Mary Gough and Josef Keys  have been seen  regularly over the years in The Lavit Gallery's members exhibitions, with Gough taking the prize for best work in this year's show, a few months ago. Angie Shanahan makes use of a photo realist style  to depict scenes of winter, while water and the buildings that appear on it's boundaries are a common theme for Patrick Cashin.  While landscape does feature in the paintings of Elayne O'Connor, their subject is more often than not, sports  activities seen against this backdrop. In contrast to the other painters in this exhibition, Angela Fewer's paintings focus on shapes and forms within architectural interiors.

Jennifer O' Connor will show detailed figurative paintings, while Brian Smyth will be exhibiting some drawings of classical sculptural casts inspired from his studies in Florence.  While the figure does not appear in the work of Karin Smyth, presence of a figure is suggested in her studies of shoes. 

Sculpture features very strongly, with the inclusion of work from  two of Ireland's top sculptors - Eilis O' Connell and Michael Quane, O' Connell of course known for her bronze work and Quane for his stone carving.  Stone is also the medium used by Maggie Blackley, who will be exhibiting her stone carved bird baths and basins and by Matthew Thompson who will be exhibiting a large stone seated figure, as well as some animal creatures. Maura Whelan's richly coloured fused glass and Sara Roberts wall based sea themed ceramic works will also feature in this exciting show.

The exhibition will be officially by Councillor John Buttimer at 8.00 p.m. on October 8thand will run until October 26th.

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