Available Craft

Below you can browse through a selection of just some of the craftspeople whose work is regularly on display in the gallery. If you would like to view further works please do not hesitate to call in to us at any time.


Alan Boyle

Price range €75 - €450
Alan Boyle makes collectable art pieces which combine his graphic design background with influences from ancient Irish art, the Irish landscape along with influences from Japan, Egypt and other ancient cultures. His work is constantly evolving as he experiments with new techniques. Other influences include Dali, Klimt, Durer and Patrick Scott.

This fresh approach to stoneware has attracted many commissions from architects and interior designers. Alan's philosophy is that ceramics are not just visual but also tactile and he encourages people to feel the form and texture of his work.  


ail + el

Price Range €18 - €45

The creative pairing of Aileen Balfe and Eleanor Mc Caughey decided to collaborate to create ail+el. ail+el's collection focuses on the artistic process, creating products that are both functional and aesthetic. ail+el's line is influenced by their love of art and design. Joining forces Aileen and Eleanor's experiences and styles are layered together to inspire pieces that are thoughtfully designed and uniquely crafted. 



Martha Cashman

Price range €65 - €330
Martha's most recent work is in glazed paper porcelain. Very fine kitchen utensils (non functional), some pieces interspersed with woven wire, carved birch and ash wood to accentuate and enhance the delicate white porcelain.  The pieces are either box framed using limed ash or hung simply from rusted nails.  Pieces from this body of work have been bought by the UCC Art Archive Collection, CIT Art Collection and the Crawford Student Collection. 

Martha's work pays homage to the teachers of her past.  "The farm helpers and local women who visited and helped my mother in the house. Their understanding of the daily running of a small farm holding impacted on me greatly and led me to appreciate and respect the land we took from daily."

The ceramic pieces on the right have been exhibited in a travelling show titled Womanagh, inspired by irish rural teachings and a disappearing traditional style of living.





Caroline Dolan

Price Range €14 - €30 
Form and Surface Decoration have always been the focus of Caroline's work. Her newest creations demonstrate this again with an obvious delight in the use of colour.  Her sculptural forms are full of joyful energy and character while her functional tableware is designed to bring light and colour into our lives. 






Helen Doherty

Price range €90 - €110
My work is driven by the narrative element which is informed by my interest in literature, media stories, myth and religious texts. I am interested in recurrent themes which are translated into ceramic narratives through imagery and text. I draw on the long tradition of storytelling through ceramics, but i present narratives from a womans perspective, and focus on things men would find trvial, such as what happened to Eve before Adam found her eating the apple, how much knowledge in apples did she accrue before he arrived?





Erich Fichtner

Price Range:€280 - €420
Having established a reputation in the United States as a premier designer and maker of furniture for luxury yachts as well as award winning furniture for residential clients, Erich now lives and works in the west of Ireland. In his recent work, he has introduced more fluid forms employing traditional joinery together with dramatically shaped and carved surfaces. Erich accepts commissions to build his own designs or to interpret his client's requirements and also produces a range of chests , boxes and other small pieces.




Sonja Guenther

Price Range: €18 - €300
Sonja moved to Ireland from Germany in 1995 and entered Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork the following year to study product design/ ceramics. Over the past number of years Sonja has been making a steady range of tableware as well as developing at least one new functional or sculptural product annually. She uses a combination of throwing and hand-building techniques and likes experimenting with colour, texture and shape. Though using the same white stoneware clay for all her works she tries to push the boundaries of that material. Furthermore colour plays an important part in her work with a wide range of oxidation stoneware glazes, coloured slips and oxides being used.


Etain Hickey

Having studied at Dun Laoghaire School of Art & Design, Etain travelled and worked in different potteries before returning to Ireland .
Etain's individual work has been widely exhibited both in Ireland and abroad as far afield as San Francisco and Tokyo and is in many public and private collections.
In recent developments she has perfected her own blend of paper pulp and white clay to create paper clay. These flat sheets are strong, light andeasy to handle in their raw state and can be manipulted to form (3D) heads and figures or used flat like a canvas. Etain has always loved patterns. Tapestries, Persian carpets, Icon paintings and Islamic art with its rich colours are all strong influences.


Ellen Horan

Price range €30 - €185
My work at present is very much inspired by the reflective quality of the Atlantic ocean and the changing surfaces of water and sand with each tide, The sunlight on the water surface, clouds passing over causing deep blues and greens against a turquoise background. The barium glazes I use capture a little of the ever changing mood in the Atlantic seascape. So far my work has gained a very positive response with galleries and customers.


Jerpoint Glass

Price Range €21 - €80

Jerpoint Glass Studio is an Irish handmade glass company and a true family business. Established in 1979 by Keith and Kathleen Leadbetter, together with their small team of glass blowers, they have built Jerpoint into an internationally recognised name.

Matt Jones


Price Range:€25 - €140
Matt is based in the picturesque village of Riverstown, County Sligo in the West of Ireland.  'Our aim is to produce unique handcrafted gifts from Ireland for special occasions. Our designs are inspired by the Irish vernacular and all our products are handmade with the finest of Irish hardwoods. These unique gifts are delivered in a beautiful Irish made presentation box that is packed with wood shavings from our studio.'



Price Range: €15 - €75

Creative mind and skilful hands behind the brand new line of karoArt ceramics belong to Karolina Grudniewska aka Karo.
Based in Dublin, Ireland and residing in Fire Station Studios Karo designs contemporary pieces that are simple in form and boldly colourful.   




Andrew Ludick

Price range €200 - €300
Andrew Ludick graduated with a major in illustration from the Columbus College of Art in 2000. He has worked in many graphic arts fields from editorial illustrator, to mural painting as well as fine arts painting. He is originally from the U. S. but has been a resident in Ireland for the past 3 years. In Ireland he has pursued painting and drawing and has had several exhibitions of his work in Kilkenny and Dublin. For the past two years he has been focussing his craftsmanship on ceramics, mainly working from extruded and slab built vessels he applies his illustrative techniques to create one of a kind artistic pieces. Many of the flat pieces can be displayed and hung on walls like paintings. All pieces are made from stoneware clay and decorated in coloured slips. Designs and illustration are carved into the slip and fired with a coating of clear glaze.



Brid Lyons

Price Range: €98 - €200
A graduate of Limerick school of Art and Design and the Pottery skills course Thomastown Co. Kilkenny, award winning ceramic artist Brid Lyons unveils her new ceramic range. In 2001 after 8 years working for some of Irelands leading potters Brid set up her own ceramic studio in Thomastown Co. KIlkenny. As well as her domestic range Brid saw a niche in the market for original one-off sculptural pieces.  Nine years ago Brid introduced her sculptural busts (Ladies) to the market recieving wide acclaim and these have become widely sought after pieces both in Ireland and Internationally. Brid's ever evolving ceramic art gives ceramic enthusiasts the unique opportunity to own a true original that will grow in both appreciation and value. Brid say's that her pieces should have their own originality and distinct features so that they can become a focal point for collectors.





Neil McGrath

Price range €45 - €125
Things that are old, crafted by nameless artists in ancient times, this is what inspires me. Whether it's an illustration from a Byzantine manuscript or perhaps a Sumerian cylinder seal from the Near East, these are fragments of stories which remind us of what has always been important to people. 

These Vessels were inspired by the small pilgrim flasks that were used by early European travelers to carry sacred oil and water home from the holy sites in the East. These 21st century 'pilgrim flasks' were built with this in mind.

A number of my pieces also refer to ancient Egyptian vessels which were hand carved from stone such as alabaster and marble. 

A variation of the ancient Japanese technique known as Raku was used to fire each vessel. Using my Raku kiln, I heat the work to a very high temperature. When glowing hot, the individual pieces are quickly removed from the kiln. Single strands of horsehair are then placed against the burnished vessel. The carbon from the horsehair produces the distinct markings. The vessels are then polished with beeswax.  


Kira O' Brien

Kira O Brien is a Ceramic &Visual Artist, originally from Dublin but living and practicing in Cork. Her work has a psychological element to it and encompasses her relationship to the enviKira O Brien is a Ceramic &Visual Artist, originally from Dublin but living and practicing in Cork. Her work has a psychological element to it and encompasses her relationship to the environment that surrounds her,the people,places and memories which are connected to her.

The symbol of the chair has become the focus of her most recent work. This image  and sculpture can be seen on boxes,large platters and plates and symbolises the feeling of absence whether it be physical or emotional.

Other work includes lino & monoprinting,etching and pen & ink drawings. These drawings are inextricably linked to her ceramic work ronment that surrounds her,the people,places and memories which are connected to her.

The symbol of the chair has become the focus of her most recent work. This image  and sculpture can be seen on boxes,large platters and plates and symbolises the feeling of absence whether it be physical or emotional.

Other work includes lino & monoprinting,etching and pen & ink drawings. These drawings are inextricably linked to her ceramic work .

Norbet Platz


 Price Range: €50 - €150

Norbert Platz originally from Germany has been making baskets in his workshop in County Cork for over 25 years. Enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge of willow and basketmaking, he runs workshops for both beginners and more advanced practitioners from his home. He is a founder member of the Irish Basketmakers Association and has won several awards in the RDS Craft Competitions over the years. 




Shelly Pots

Price range €45 - €200

Shelly Pots is the brainchild of Shelagh Flannery who is a graduate of the Limerick College of Art & Design and the Pottery Skills course in Thomastown,Co Kilkenny.


Shelagh worked at home and abroad with various potters to develop her skills and in 1999 opened her own studio to further develop the sculptural based products of people and dogs that began when she was in college.

All the works are hand thrown on the pottery wheel then assembled by hand to give each piece an individual character and charm. They are then decorated in bright and colourful slips and oxides which add a great sense of humour and mischief. They are then fired in an electric kiln.



Sara Roberts

Price range €35 - €98
Land, sea and sky and nature's constantly changing patterns and hues are what inspire me. I use photography to record such images as reference for my wall pieces. I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture the mood of a natural scape in clay, through texture and colour. In my efforts to do this I use red earthenware and porcelain because of their inherently different qualities and I constantly experiment with ceramic colours and glazes and firing ranges to create new palettes. The subject of my work is fundamentally connected to the materials that make my work possible. In order to create I not only need those images to inspire but need the materials found within them. The earth (clay), the sand (silica/glaze) and the rocks (colouring pigments). It is a very satisfying relationship."




Ryner Weinreich

Price Range €23 - €117

Ryner has been working through the medium off ceramics for many years.
Originally from Germany , he is now based in West Cork where he works on his range of ceramics.


Eileen Singleton

Price range €140 - €330
Eileen makes clay monoprints using plants and animal life as subject matter. She is fascinated by the amount of detail the clay captures when impressed by texture and how these tactile attributes are revealed when color is introdu
ced to the clay surface. She also uses mosaic as a technique to create garden sculpture and to adorn interior walls and floors.  


Julian Smith

Price range €25 - €375
Julian Smith has been working with clay for well over 20 years. After training in Scotland and Wales, he moved to Ireland in 1995. Initially he lived in Galway but soon discovered Kinsale, and established his own studio there in 1996.

Julian has established himself as one of Ireland's foremost Raku artists. Raku is a technique originating in Japan in the sixteenth century, in which work is rapidly fired and removed from the kiln when glowing red-hot. The piece is then placed in a container with combustible materials creating striking colours using metallic oxides. The charm of Raku lies in its use of primitive materials which nevertheless can produce highly sophisticated results.



Lesley Stothers

Price range €150 - €1000
Family celebrations always seemed to involve a special meal using the best crockery, polished cutlery, folded linen napkins and carefully laid out place settings for mealtimes. I began to explore representations of these memories.

Initially it was the objects themselves that interested me, first spoons, then other utensils and subsequently the whole idea of place setting. I became progressively more concerned with the whole ritual of setting the table and laying objects out in a prescribed way. I use my sewing machine as a tool to 'draw' with and my hands to manipulate wire, just as painters and sculptors use pencil, paper, clay and stone.

I see myself as an artist maker, combining fine art tradition with craft based techniques while working in the medium of textiles. I knit and crochet but use wire instead of wool or cotton and I stitch, appliquÎ and embroider with plastic, paper and wire. Using wire allows me to add another dimension to otherwise flat images.

I create wall pieces on stretched fabric canvases, combining low relief elements produced using craft based methods with the fine art tradition of drawing and collage. In all the work I do, whether creative practice or teaching, my aim is to raise the profile of textiles in art - it is important to me that my craft-based production techniques are regarded in a fine art context.





Grainne Watts

Price range €90 - €300
I have been a thrower of mainly functional ware throughout my ceramic career and over the last couple of years have started to use this method of making in conjunction with hand building to produce two distinct bodies of work. I am currently known for the decorative beasts I make. These started off as knobs on lidded vessels. An interest in the various ways animals are adorned for festival parades and rituals inspired the current pieces. Each on is hand thrown and assembled using a blow torch to help capture poise and expression. I use coloured slips to decorate the surface. Italian glass discs and silver washers are added later. I also smoke fire the beasts sometimes to get a totally different range of surface makings.

My new body of work has developed over the last year. The mechanics and process of throwing lends a certain rhythmical quality to the forms I am making. A rhythm is also found in nature.
The Connemara coastline has coughed up a collection of found treasures over a lifetime of holidays there. Rusted metals, bleached bones, bog oak, claws and shells have all inspired the forms and surfaces I am currently making. Surface texture and marks are influenced by the effects of the elements . . . Erosion, burnishing, water marks. This new body of work has led me to learn and experiment with new firing techniques and more recently, raku firing.



Maura Whelan

Price range €350 - €450
Maura Whelan is a self taught artist in glass and has been working in the medium for over 20 years in her studio in Cill na Martra, in the hills of West Cork. Her glasswork is fired in kilns, each piece fired up to three times as the layers are built up and formed.

Maura works with light as the second element to her work. Her unique Lighted Glass Pieces challenge the boundaries between art and function and remain the distinctive hallmark of her work. Maura has become well established as a contemporary glassmaker in Ireland and she has also exhibited her glasswork in Europe, North America and China.




Thomas Wollen

Price range €75 - €280
Thomas Wollen set up business and has been making ceramic art from his renovated 'cow shed' studio in the Slieve Felim Hills of eastern Limerick near Doon, since 1998. With no formal art and design training Thomas has developed his own distinctive style of carving and decorating the surface of the clay. Together with his fascination and expertise in the Raku firing process, unique and individual pieces of work are created for both the art and craft market.

Thomas says 'My work has progressed towards the collector and gallery ceramic art market where ideas are explored and then developed into a series of work. The inspirations for my recent work have been based on contemporary political events as well as my personal experiences. However, the local environment and my childhood experiences living in Africa will always influence the work that I produce. My aspirations are generally simple ones - to produce beautiful work that stimulates debate as well as gives enjoyment. If I see someone stopping to touch one of my pieces then I have succeeded.'