CASe '14 September 9th - 30th

For this year's annual CASe exhibition, a highlight of the exhibition programme at the Lavit Gallery, nine artists have been invited to exhibit up to three pieces each. The exhibition will include painting, drawing, ceramics and sculpture from some of the most sought after names in contemporary Irish art. The invited artists are Clifford Collie, Jason Ellis, Sara Flynn, Tim Goulding, Deirdre O' Brien, Brian Smyth, Charles Tyrrell, Walter Verling and Michael Wann.

There will be an interesting mix of abstract and figurative work in this exhibition. Based on the Beara peninsula, Charles Tyrrell, well known for his abstract paintings, will exhibit oil on aluminium pieces, which focus on form, line, the paint and his surface. Ceramic artist, Sara Flynn's porcelain black and white esker vessels also focus on the purity of form. Tim Goulding will exhibit some abstract works but in a very different vein than Tyrrell (his Beara compatriot), with his patching the void series making use of collage and metallic leaf and having a quality of lightness and softness to the work.

Now in his eighties, Walter Verling has been committed to plein-air painting throughout his artistic career, and in the works in this show he observes the nuances of light and atmosphere in the South and West of Ireland. Deirdre O' Brien is also interested in light and atmosphere in her less naturalistically coloured paintings of remote shorelines in Scotland and Norway. Clifford Collie divides his time between Ireland and Spain, the aridness of the latter elevating his appreciation of vegetation, depictions of which seem to emerge from his paintings. Sligo based, Michael Wann's chosen materials are charcoal, pencil and wash, with tone and mark- making being explored in his riverside scenes.

Brian Smyth's style is immediately recognisable in his figure study and café scene but his very classical still life shows another side to the Cork artist, after his recent studies in Florence. The figure is also referenced in the limestone and marble sculptures by Jason Ellis, a sculptor whose background in conservation has given him a deep understanding of stone.

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