Student of the Year Award

Joseph Keating and Yestin Reboul

February 10 - 28th 2015

Beginning in 1967, The Student of the Year Award has been given by the Lavit Gallery to a graduate of the Crawford College of Art and Design, who shows promise and potential. Past recipients of this award have included - John Burke, Eilis O' Connell, Vivienne Roche, Maud Cotter and Bridget Flannery to name but a few.

This year , the decision was made to jointly nominate Joseph Keating and Yestin Reboul for this award, which takes the form of an exhibition at the gallery, (from which no commission is taken on sales) and a cash prize sponsored by Parfrey Murphy Chartered Accountants. The preview of the exhibition by the latest recipients of this award will be take place at the Lavit Gallery on Tuesday February 10th from 5.00 - 8.00.

Through the use of paint and mixed media, Joseph Keating's work explores the overall idea of a sense of place and belonging. His bold, expressive works address the perception of memory and connection to people, place and culture, prior to, during and after the emigrant experience. This idea is framed within the context of change, the constant flux of being alive and the transitions of loss and gain.

Yestin Reboul works with clay, exploring the human figure. He says that his work is about "the ephemeral character of man in contrast with his ability to withstand and even immortalise himself." The work has an earthy, natural quality. Reboul finds the balance between the weakness and the strength of the clay often working the material to its limits suggesting the contrast of collapsing and emerging.



 Joseph Keating




Yestin Reboul