The Art of Food

May 12th - 30th

Throughout art history there has been a rich tradition of visual art depicting food. We can probably all bring to mind examples of this - still lives from the old Masters, Cezanne's depictions of fruit, photo- realist paintings on the subject, abstract compositions using simplified forms of food, pop art's focus on consumer brands, to name but a few.

Inspired by this fact the Lavit Gallery has invited 12 artists to participate in an exhibition with the theme of food. This exhibition will run from May 12th - 30th.

Included in the exhibition are depictions of food at it's beginning - etchings of growing fruit by Cliona Doyle, what looks like the ingredients for a recipe inBrian Smyth's classic still life paintings, the suggestion of food preparation with James English's chopped apples, the cooked and presented food - bowls of green pea soup set again crisp white line - an aerial view of the fine dining experience by Caroline Ward, the ready to spread jam by Katherine Boucher Beug and the preserved pots of marmalade by Christine Bowen.

The exhibition will feature both well known artists from the Irish art world and some more emerging names. The full list of participating artists is as follows: Katherine Boucher Beug, Christine Bowen, Cliona Doyle, Pauline Doyle, Joe Dunne, James English, Pat Harris, Dorothy Ledwith, Una Sealy, Blaise Smith, Brian Smyth and Caroline Ward. Painting, print and drawing will all be on show in what promises to be a feast for the eyes.

A preview of the exhibition will take place on Tuesday May 12th from 5 - 7pm with wine and light refreshments(kindly sponsored by Farmgate Café, The English Market, Cork). Also taking place on the evening, we are delighted to welcome Declan Ryan of Arbutus Bread, who will give a short talk on the subject of Food at 6 p.m.