Fledglings September 1st - 12th

The Fledglings exhibition will preview at the Lavit Gallery on Tuesday September 1st,from 5 -7pm. This is an annual exhibition of work by selected recent graduates from the Crawford College of Art and Design. Fourteen artists have been selected to participate in this year's exhibition - Jocelyn Adam, Natasha Bourke, Lynn Marie Dennehy, Deirdre Flynn, Claire Lee, Jean Philippe Levillain, Ann Mechelinck, James Murphy, Rob C Meehan, Ciarán Mc Carthy, Claire O' Keeffe,  Elaina Walsh O Reilly and Andrew Whitelaw .

A huge variety in media is a feature of this year's show - painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, three dimensional collage, ceramics, mixed media/ textiles, installation and video will all feature.

Rachel O' Shea is influenced by storytelling and often deconstructs fairytales and combines them with personal imagery in her detailed drawings. Claire O' Keefe uses collaged retro printed images provoking intrigue between the two and three dimensions of space by her playful arrangements. A sense of playfulness or a dreamlike quality can also be seen in the projections by James Murphy, where simple human movements can be seen against larger than life everyday static objects. Studio play and gathering are important elements in the work of Natasha Bourke whose collated items are often connected to a notion of vanishing techniques and obsolescence. Her focus is often on the past, mining her family archive and exploring distance as well as connection.

On a more sombre note Elaina Walsh O' Reilly focuses on melancholic states of mind by capturing the blurred movement of a figure restricted within a closed perimeter. Ann Mechelinck's work also focuses on feelings - focusing on her own depression. Working with paper, she explores the material's fragility and strength - tearing, cutting, mending and sewing and sees a parallel between this process and her inner most feelings, thoughts and emotions. Jean Philippe Levillain's work relates to mankind's existence between an animal state and a state of higher being. By playing with the elasticity of clay and stretching it he alludes to this philosophy and fires and glazes his pieces to represent the scars we receive in life and how we overcome them.

Claire Lee's abstract paintings show fragmentation, flux and often elements of construction while Rob C. Meehan also working with abstraction contrasts blocks of painted colour with layered surfaces, giving a nod to the urban world we live in. In this exhibition, Lynn Marie Dennehy focuses on printmaking, inspired by urban spaces and concerned with the interaction between form and non - form. Meanwhile Jocelyn Adam takes his inspiration from contemporary architecture, combining ceramics with glass and metal exploring the notion of balance. Ciaran McCarthy is also interested in the urban and addresses such issues as the effects of social control, consumerism and the globalisation of urbanisation through his photography and video.

The focus of Andrew Whitelaw's minimal ceramics is the pieces themselves, how they develop from one piece to another, the object itself, its function, its environment and our perception of that object

For many of these recent graduates it is their first opportunity to show work in a professional gallery setting. For the viewers it is a chance to see different examples of the graduates work or the work in a new light away from the college setting. These emerging artists need all the encouragement they can get; to keep on the track of their early career paths. The Lavit Gallery are delighted to present work by these graduates in this show and hope this will be the first of many times to work together. The exhibition continues until September 12th.