Small Works

October 27th - November 14th

Previewing on Tuesday October 27th is an exhibition of Small Works featuring the artworks of 36 artists.

The use of specific scales has been synonymous with different cultures and different movements in art history ie. the large scale works of the abstract expressionists, the small scale of the Dutch realists in the 17th century, Indian miniature painting etc.

Scale is one of the first considerations of an artist. Before commencing a painting an artist must decide on the size of canvas/ paper/board etc that suits their subject best, or as in this case, the subject and composition that best suits their pre -determined size.

For this particular exhibition, The Lavit Gallery decided on a scale 14 x 18 inches /36 x 46cm (horizontal or vertical format) and decided to invite 36 artists to submit artworks, the only criteria being this set scale for the outside dimensions of each work and that no piece should exceed the selling price of €1,000.

The uniformity in scale only goes to highlight the many different styles, subjects and choices of materials (one artist choosing to paint on a newspaper dating from 1885). Genres range from political satire, abstraction, interiors, animal studies and figuration to landscape and townscapes.

Exhibiting artists are as follows: Ellen Barrett, Carol Breen, Val Byrne, Patrick Cashin, Eoin Cassidy, Tom Climent, Aidan Crotty, Avril Daly, Wendy Dison, Grainne Dowling, Mark Eldred, Angela Fewer, Mairead Geary, Oonagh Hurley, Joseph Keating, Josef Keys, Aoife Layton, Damaris Lysaght, Frank McGrath, Frieda Meaney, Anastasia O' Donoghue Healy, Michael O' Donovan, Jacqueline O' Driscoll, Helen O' Keefe, Susan O' Regan, Geraldine O' Riordan, Dee Pieters, Fiona Power, Charlo Quain, Victor Richardon, Bridget Ryan, Angie Shanahan, Karin Smyth, Jules Thomas, Tom Walsh, Sabine Weissbach and Peter Wolstenholme.