Anastasia O' Donoghue Healy

Since moving to West Cork in 2010 Anastasia continues to develop her practice as an artist.She believes being a self taught artist is informed by her own philosophical and personal growth and that as she grows so too does the art she makes.  The landscape continues to make its' impression on her mark as an artist. The dance between it, light, the elements and all the structural manmade contributions to the landscape such as fencing posts and ESB polls, gates, buildings ,and laneways create a rhythm in her observations which she aspires to capture.  The poet John O Donohue mirrors her mission as an artist in the following words, "May your inner eye see through the surfaces  and glean the real presence of everything that meets you."                                                                                                          

It is her belief that her paintings reflect her emotional response to her subject at the time of its making.Without this emotional reflection in her work it would be devoid of energy and its own emotional language with which the viewer can engage.

She is currently painting en plein air and when weather conditions don’t allow this she moves indoors to her studio to finish work and to continue some of her face studies. Anastasia paints rapidly in a very spontaneous and intuitive manner in response to her  subject.While she is currently working in oils she also works with mixed media when making her face paintings. She sees her paintings as a visual, spiritual and emotional diary of her experience of this place .