Previous exhibitions 2013 - 2016

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Student of the Year 2016

 Christmas Showcase 2015/6


     Small Works  Oct 27th - Nov 14th

   Selected Stock Sale October 13th - 24th

 CASe '15 September 18th - October 9th



     Fledglings 1st - 12th

              Summer Stock Exhibition June 6th - August 28th

   The Art of Food May 12th - 30th

   Flora April 14th - May 2nd



    Sculpture March 24th - April 11th

   Annual Members Exhibition 2015

   Student of the Year 2015 : Joseph Keating and Yestin Reboul

    Christmas 2014

     John Behan 7th - 28th October

  CASe '14  September 9th - 30th

Fledglings August 19th - September 2nd

Summer Stock Hang   July 8th - August 12th

  Cliodna Cussen and Comhghall Casey June 10th - July 1st

    The Sea, May 13th - June 3rd

    Artist's Choice, April 16th - May 6th 2014

            A Natural Selection, March 18th - April 8th   

 Members Exhibition 2014,Feb 25th -March 11th

    Name Your Price, November 1st - 15th



     CASe ' 13  October 8th - 26th

    Large Group Show  September 14th -October 2nd

      RHA in the South   August 15th - September 10th


Irene Meade    Fledglings 2013

  July 30th - Aug 10th 



    William Crozier: Graphic Work   July 3rd - 24th 

    The Importance of West   June 11th - 29th

  Gallery Friends May 14th - June 1st

  The Absence of Realism April 16th - May 4th


  Members Annual Exhibition March 21st - April 6th

The Lavit 50 Years On  February 21st - March 16th

Previous exhibitions 2012

  Christmas at the Lavit  2012

   Fundraising Auction   November 2012

  CASe'12   September 13th - October 6th

  Fledglings 2012   August 28th - September 8th

  Lavit Craft Collection

   Spring Show

   Student of the Year  March 7th - 21st

   Members Annual Exhibition 2012 February 21st - March 3rd

    Large Group Show  January 3rd  - February 14th 

Previous exhibitions 2011

   Christmas at The Lavit  November 18th - December 24th

  A View From The Chair  October 26th - November 12th

   Below 456  September 23rd - October 15th

    Fledglings   September 6th - 17th

   Made In Cork   August 12th - 27th 

  The Lavit @ UCC   August 4th - September 30th

   CASe'11 July 5th - August 6th

   Graphic Studio Dublin @ The Lavit Gallery
                                                     June 2nd - 25th

 Tom Climent, Aidan Crotty & Stephen Lawlor
                                                                  May 10th - 28th

  Exploring Perceptions of Contemporary Craft  
                                                                          April 12th - 30th


               Singers Corner  March 15th -April 2nd 

  Members Annual Exhibition  2011 February 22nd - March 5th 

Student of the Year
  February 1st - 12th

Previous exhibitions 2010

  Winter Show  November 26th - January 22nd

   Editions  October 21st - November 16th

Michael Quane Selects  September 21st - October 16th

  Fledglings  August 31st - September 14th

    Summer Artists  July 27th  - August 21st



    CASe'10  June 30th - July 21st


   Happiness  May 26th - June 18th

   Monochrome  April 27th - May 15th

   Thrown  March 30th - April 17th

    Group Show  March 2nd - 23rd

Previous exhibitions from 2009


February  3rd - 14th           
Eva O'Connell

February 10th - 21st         
Members Exhibition

March  3rd -14th            

May 5th -16th            
Victor Richardson

June 23rd - 4th July   
Mark Eldred 

July 14th - 25th         
CASe 09                   

August  18th-29th           
Student of the Year
September 1st-12th 

October  6th-17th             
James English & Margaret Egan

October 20th- Nov 9th 
Mick O'Dea RHA Selects
November 17th-28th           
In Retrospect - John O'Leary

Christmas Show