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Cork Printmakers at the Lavit Gallery

March 15th – April 2nd

A exhibition featuring a selection of 12 members of the Cork Printmakers will preview at the Lavit Gallery on Tuesday Marchy 15th from 5-7pm. The participants in this exhibition are: Johnny Bugler, Roselyn Cleary, Lorraine Cooke, Aude Dimoski Gottman, Seán Hanrahan, Catherine Hehir, David Lilburn, Deirdre McKenna, Donna McNamara, Noelle Noonan, Barbara Reen and Laura Wade.

Members of Cork printmakers were invited to submit recent examples of their work to The Lavit Gallery, who then invited 12 artists to create 3 new pieces each for this exhibition. The selection features artists at various different stages of their careers – established artists, college lecturers and emerging artists/recent graduates. Various different types of printmaking will be on show - chine collé, drypoint, etching, monoprint, photo polymer etching and silkscreen and as many different subjects.

Lorraine Cooke’s drypoints are portraits. Drawing is all important for Cooke and she draws/ scratches directly on to her printing plate while looking at the posed model in front of her. Barbara Reen also uses the figure in her works, but here old snapshots of childhood memories are used to create large screenprints which allow us to see an obscure image, akin to a disputed time blurred memory. Meanwhile, Rosie Cleary’s work looks at not the person but the role personal items and place play in a person’s life and capturing the human presence that once gave these items and places meaning.

Johnny Bugler’s etchings explore connections with place and the landscape. The images stem from travels in Asia and Africa and allude to the notion of the exotic idyll and paradise lost. Catherine Hehir’s work is also about place. She explains how her images are of places one might want to escape to or run from. Dingle native Deirdre McKenna, draws on the maritime community around her and time spent sailing, as can be seen in her pieces such as Asgard II, and Mending Sails. How we pass through and perceive our structured surroundings influences the work of Laura Wade. She explains how negative and positive spaces shift and move, as we navigate our immediate environment and how this interaction of planes is a catalyst for her creative process.

Cork features strongly in the work of two of the artists. David Lilburn often uses the concept of mapping to explore ideas of memory and identity and to create a sense of place in maps rich in narrative detail. Aspects of City Hall, Cork opera House and Shandon will all feature in this show. Sean Hanrahan hones in on one area –the historic Bonded Warehouse buildings at the Port of Cork. He explains how through his ongoing experimentation with the halftone printing process, he has transposed these selected photographic images into 'Fine Art prints', using the medium of Silkscreen.

Aude Dimofski Gottman works with both sculpture and printmaking. Her prints in this show, are a study of boxes’ structure. She often uses the box or square to represent limitations either self- imposed or by society. As both a painter and printmaker, colour plays an important role in the monoprints of Donna McNamara which vibrate with bold colours. She says that her prints are a physical and poetic equivalent of extreme emotions. Noelle Noonan says that her work begins with some small notion or feeling which has been triggered by a word, this word often unlocks a reservoir of suppressed thought and the work reveals itself as it is being made.



Roselyn Cleary




Lorraine Cooke



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