The Lavit Gallery

Members Annual Exhibition

March 1st -12th

A preview of this year's Members Annual Exhibition will take place on Tuesday March 1st, from 5 - 7pm, with the chairperson of The Lavit Gallery Joe Burns giving an address on the night. The exhibition will continue until March 12th.

Anyone can become a member of the Cork Arts Society on payment of a small annual subscription. Each year all members are invited to submit up to three pieces for selection for the annual exhibition at the Lavit Gallery. A different panel of selectors is chosen each year to select an exhibition from these submissions, with the panel usually comprising of two artists and a regular visitor to the gallery.

This year 198 pieces were submitted to be exhibited, with just over 35% (70 ) of these being chosen, for display. The nature of this exhibition means that it is open to people from many walks of life, amateur, professional, young and old and this lends a great variety and selection to the subjects and styles on show.

Artists in this year's exhibition include: Patsy Atkinson, Cathy Bacon, Gemma Best, Anne Bologna, Sonia Caldwell, Eoin Cassidy, Linda Sebeo Cohu, Edith O' Regan- Cosgrave, Wendy Dison, Helen Doherty, Maria Dowling, Mary Dwane, Felix Faulkner, Tony Fenton, Cass Fitzpatrick, Des Fitzgerald, Katherine Fitzgerald, Jeremiah Galvin, Rosemary Gaynor, Evelyn Goold, Mary Gough, Katherine Griffiths,Jaclyn Hargreaves, Eamonn Alexander Harris, Anne Hassett,Anastasia O' Donoghue Healy, Mary Hurley, Denis Keenan,Josef Keys, Damaris Lysaght, Frank McGrath, Patrick Madden, June Matthews, Elizabeth Mansfield, Ethel M. Murphy, Mary Murphy( Jennings), Joan Nicholson, Rita O' Connell, Deirdre O'Donnell, Helen O'Keeffe, Niall O' Neill,Killian O' Sullivan, Margaret O'Sullivan, Mary O'Sullivan, Dee Pieters, Peig Quinlan, William Rattray, Barbara Reen, Bridget Ryan, Con Scanlon, Lesley Stothers, Pippa Sweeney,Rosemary Taylor, Sue Van Coppenhagen, Amna Walayat,Michael Whelton, Peter Wolstenholme.