Anne Bologna

I saw my first batiks in the late fifties while living in Malaya. I was captivated by the vibrant colours of the sarongs worn by the Malays on the east coast. A decade later I began to experiment with the medium and while living in Connecticut. U.S.A. had my first exhibitions. I have been batiking and exhibiting for over thirty years.
I now live in Ireland and my house is on a cliff overlooking an estuary in West Cork.

From my windows I see a moving picture of birdlife: the turning clouds of plover, the terns and gannets diving for fish, the ringed plover running the tide line and the dancing little white egrets. The lines of cormorants on the sandbank, wings out-stretched and the formations of oystercatchers skimming the waves on their way to their feeding grounds as the little fishing boat returns to harbour with a cloud of gulls following after the catch. These are just some of the scenes which inspire me daily.