Rebecca Bradley

Rebecca's painting process explores the fragmentary experiences of memory and perception. Adding and removing materials renders surfaces and images pitted, spliced and incised. A process of accumulation and erosion intimates the materialisation of memory traces in present perception whilst sparer works allow for calculated accidents in paint, suggesting an initial perception, and the ephemeral nature of subjective vision. She investigates the themes of travel and place as instigators of memory to build a narrative based on the idea being in process and allowing.

Rebecca was born and raised in London and has lived and worked in County Cork for 20 years. She holds an MA in art and process and a BA in fine art from the Crawford College of Art, an HDip in Rural Development (University College Cork), and a BSC in Sociology (Kingston University). She has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Ireland, U.K., and U.S. where my work is held in private and public collections.