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March 30th - April 17th

Thrown - Ceramics Selected by Sara Flynn
Peter Fulop - Sara Flynn - Geoffrey Healy
Mandy Parslow - Grainne Watts

The Lavit Gallery are excited to host an exhibition of ceramics selected by Sara Flynn, which will focus on the method of making known as throwing.  Exhibitors will include Sara Flynn, Peter Fulop, Geoffrey Healy, Many Parslow and Grainne Watts.  . For some of these ceramicists, the potter's wheel is a central component, while for others, work is begun in this way and then majorly altered.    

The selector of this exhibition, Sara Flynn graduated from Crawford College of Art and Design in 1998. Based in West Cork, Flynn works exclusively in porcelain, and her main concerns are throwing, and a fascination with the theme of the vessel. She has just returned from Ceramic Art London and forthcoming exhibitions include 'Collect', at the Saatchi Gallery, London and 'Portfolio', at the National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny. Her work is in the collections of the Office of Public Works, the National Museum of Ireland, the Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork, and the Foreign Embassies collection. Sara Flynn's pure porcelain forms have been much admired and collected over the years at the Lavit Gallery. Her relationship with the gallery and her knowledge of ceramics in Ireland made her a perfect choice to select an exhibition for us.

Mandy Parslow's pieces are initially wheel-thrown and then altered when the clay is still soft.  The surfaces pay homage to the shifting light, colour and tone of the Co. Tipperary landscape surrounding her studio, while the forms themselves have evolved from an investigation of museums objects. She continues to develop the wood-salt firing process, that enhances these forms and delivers a real depth of colour and texture.

Originally from Hungary, but living in Ireland since 2001, Peter Fulop is currently based in Leitrim. His interest in Ceramics is influenced by the Oriental Japanese tradition, while Raku firing is what interests him most. Fulop embraces different clay bodies for different forms, from Raku to Porcelain, but always demonstrates his spiritual, gestural connection with the process. 

Geoffrey Healy has been making pots for nearly 40 years and lives and works in Wicklow. His ceramics, although very different to Fulop's, also display a tangible spiritual quality and are predominantly connected by function. Spontaneity, creating a variety of work, constantly developing and exploring are important aspects of his work practice. Recently he has been experimenting with glazes and with creating textures on half thrown pots, which are then thrown again. 

Also based in Wicklow, Grainne Watts, currently produces two distinct bodies of work. The 'Accretion' and 'Erosion' series feature thrown porcelain vessels and bead like forms whose surfaces explore the effects of weathering and time through a range of decorative techniques. The 'Landfish' series play with the Darwinian theory of walking fish , creating various 'characters' using wheel-thrown components, nichrome wire and  highly decorated surfaces.

This exhibition is an opportunity to view, and possibly acquire some top quality Irish ceramics in a variety of scales and prices.  Sara Flynn says that "It is a testament to the discipline of each Maker's practice, and their personal response to both their chosen type of clay body and to the tool - the wheel - that the work on show varies so enormously, from what is at core a common starting point."  Functional, abstract and decorative/ fun pieces will all be on display. All participants are members of the Crafts Council of Ireland, so we are particularly delighted to welcome Úna Parsons the CEO of that organisation to open the exhibition on Tuesday March 30th.