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August 31st - September 14th





In keeping with the Lavit Gallery's long standing policy of helping and promoting emerging artists - this year's Fledglings exhibition, featuring a selection of work from 3rd and 4th year students from the Crawford College of Art and Design, will open at the end of this month.

For many of these recent graduates and students it is their first opportunity to show work in a professional gallery setting. Twelve artists will be participating in this year's exhibition - Carol Breen, Rebecca Brown, Clare Cahill, Colette Cronin, Bridget Delahunty, Helen Doherty, Laura Healy, Patsy Hennessy, Fionnuala Kelly, Raphael Llewellyn, Svetlana Shuks and Sabine Weissbach.

Exhuberant colourful abstract paintings, black and white monoprints, ceramics, landscape painting and paintings and photography focusing on more of a sense of the urban and architecture all feature. The depictions of landscape in this exhibition highlight the wide variety of approaches - sometimes airy and gestural, sometimes dreamy or with a sense of narrative, and at other times densely textured and organic.

This exciting range of work on show by this fresh breed of new artists makes it a very interesting exhibition. In some cases this is a chance to see how these artists' work has been developed since their end of year show, while in other cases it is a chance to see the work in a new light.

This exhibition will be offically opened by Orla Flynn - acting head, CIT Crawford College of Art and Design, on August 31st and will run until September 14th.