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October 21st - November 16th

An exhibition of print & sculpture featuring: 

John Behan - Morgan Doyle - Wendy Dison
Annette Hennessy - Eileen Kennedy - Stephen Lawlor  
David Lilburn - Margaret McLoughlin - Eimearjean McCormack
Brid Moynahan - Niall Naessens - Lars Nyberg
Ruth O' Donnell - Sylvia Taylor

Opening on Thursday October 21st at the Lavit Gallery, is an exhibition featuring an exciting
range of printmaking and sculpture from 14 artists. As the title - Editions suggests, each
work on exhibit is part of a limited edition. The exhibition shows an exciting range of work and
processes including etchings, carborundum prints, screenprints, woodcuts, drypoints, relief
prints and bronzes.

Printmaking, dominates this exhibition but sculptural work by John Behan and Annette
Hennessy also feature. John Behan is one of Ireland's best known sculptors. Often inspired
by ancient culture, among his exhibits is one of his instantly recognisable bulls and an Old
Bilbao boat with characteristic oversized oars. Also available to view is a beautifully presented
box set of prints created by the artist to celebrate his 50th year of making art. The figurative
work of the sculptor Annette Hennessy will also be on display. Originally from Cork, but
currently living in Antrim, many may recognise her work from her public sculpture - Man with
Birds in Rochestown, Cork.

Wendy Dison, a regular exhibitor with the Lavit Gallery and a member of Cork Printmakers
contrasts blocks of rich colour with a network of lines in her carborundum prints which seem to
suggest aerial views and maps of bordering fields. The idea of mapping also features in the
work of the Limerick based printmaker David Lilburn, who describes his work as exploring
ideas about place and memory. In his drypoint print exhibited here, reference is made to the
rivers and bridges of Cork, in an almost antiquated style of notes.

Landscape features strongly in the work of several of the artists. The prints of Dublin
based Stephen Lawlor were inspired by a residency to Sweden. Lawlor, both a painter and
printmaker makes great use of colour and darks/ light in these small airy prints. Forests are
also explored in the work of Lars Nyberg a Swedish printmaker who has visited and worked
in the Graphic Studios, Dublin for the last twenty years. His intricate drypoint prints, have a
quiet ,empty and precious quality to them. Irish woodland is what features in the etchings of
Niall Naessens, who in contrast to Nyberg focuses on the denseness and earthy colouring
of the area. Originally from Dublin, Naessens was director of the Graphic Studios in Dublin,
from 2001 - 2006, before moving to Kerry where he currently lives. Margaret McLaughlin is
a member of the Blackchurch print studios in Dublin. Also a painter, this painterliness can be
seen in her Carborundum prints, where she focuses on the sweep of time across the Leitrim

Morgan Doyle's large Japanese Landscape II woodcut shows the excitement of markmaking
and the range of marks achievable in this medium. A graduate of the Crawford College of
Art and Design, Doyle is currently based in London. At the recent Royal Academy painter/
printmakers Annual exhibition he was awarded the Printmaking Today, Printmaking Quarterly
and Curwen Studio prizes. A more restrained use of line is utilised by Eileen Kennedy, in her
strong minimal abstracts. A previous recipient of the Cork Arts Society Student of the Year,
Kennedy is based in Kerry.

A sense of fun is brought to the show with Ruth O' Donnell's Points of View series depicting
singular birds set against a block of bright colour. O' Donnell has been a member of the
Graphic studios in Dublin since 1991. This quirkiness is also evident in the work of Eimearjean
McCormack, who based in Galway has previously been awarded a residency at Cork
Printmakers and has just completed a residency at the Lower East side Print studio in New
York. Also exploring humour is Sylvia Taylor an artist from New York who divides her time
between there and Cork. Her work focuses on " Little creatures enacting their humble dramas,
always alluding to the metaphysical journey of life". Brid Moynahan's work also has a sense
of the surreal and focuses on narratives, childhood and fairytales. Moynahan graduated from
the Crawford College of Art and Design in 2007, and is based in Cork.