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April 12th - 30th

Exploring Perceptions of Contemporary Craft
An exhibition selected by Nuala O'Donovan

Featuring: Denis Brown, Isobel Egan, Pamela Hardesty,
Peadar Lamb,
Frances Lambe, Mary Mackey, Liz Nilsson,
Nuala O' Donovan, Lucia Parle,  Louise Rice and Lesley Stothers

The Lavit Gallery has invited Nuala O' Donovan to select an exhibition to coincide with 2011 being the Year of Craft. The resulting exhibition - Exploring Perceptions of Contemporary Craft aims to ask questions such as what defines a work as being craft as opposed to fine art or design. She has chosen a beautiful exhibition, of work which rather than being functional focuses on concepts and aesthetics.

Featured artists include - Denis Brown, Isobel Egan, Pamela Hardesty, Peadar Lamb, Frances Lambe, Mary Mackey, Liz Nilsson, , Lucia Parle,  Louise Rice and Lesley Stothers as well as the selector Nuala O' Donovan. 

Nuala O' Donovan is a Cork based artist who describes herself as "working in sculptural ceramics". Her intricate porcelain works are inspired by patterns and forms in nature. She has recently just returned from Ceramic Art London, while also having been included in the exhibitions Material Poetry in New York, and Collect at the Saatchi galleries in London last year. She has also been chosen as an invited artist in this year's RHA exhibition.

The exhibition which O'Donovan has selected features three other ceramicists - Frances Lambe, who inscribes and perforates her sculptural forms with a pattern of marks, Isobel Egan, whose ceramic constructions resemble miniscule architectural environments and Lucia Parle who fires graphic imagery of domesticity on to old plates.

Glass is also a major component in this exhibition with the stained glass work of Mary Mackey having an abstract painterly quality and Peadar Lamb's work containing a  pictorial set of images, while the blown glass work of Louise Rice is closer to contemporary conceptual sculpture than what we usually think of as craft..

Best known for her work in glass, Pamela Hardesty includes work both in glass and textiles, with titles such as Grace and Belief, hinting at her spiritual themes. Another artist combining mediums is calligrapher Denis Brown , who exhibits intricate etched glass pieces made up of hundreds of individual written wishes.

The principal concept of Liz Nilsson's multi layered textile work is memory traces and the ability to memorise experiences. Lesley Stothers another artist working in textiles is interested in ideas relating to home, domesticity and particularly mealtime rituals.

This is a fascinating exhibition featuring an exciting range of mediums and materials, by some familiar and some new names. The exhibition will be officially opened by Anne Mulrooney - Curator of the National Craft Gallery on Tuesday April 12th at 8.00p.m, and will continue until April 30th.